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Letter from the founder,

     I Thank God for the all the blessings that He has poured upon me, and it is an honor to be a vessel unto Him and a servant to His people. I created TK through the passion I have to help strengthen and support individuals to withstand the storms of life. TK does not believe in condemning of others. We are bonded by love, peace, meekness, and giving respect to all mankind; not by personal emotional judgment of sin of another. Whosoever will let him come! It is hard for some just to live day by day with their burdens, trials, and tribulations, and then have to be in solitary confinement within their own thoughts for fear of judgment, condemning, and lack of understanding of others. Many only look at the outside reactions and coping ways of another not seeing that it’s deeper than what they are seeing; then society questions why so many break down and seek for a way out. We are aiming to develop and set up a positive atmosphere with a variety or resources, support groups, classes, and activities for all ages, helping individuals strengthen their thought process allowing them to incorporate positive problem solving skills to navigate through the trials of life so we as a body can focus on the purpose of life and not be distracted by the problems of life.  TK is here to serve, if there is any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us. Again it is an honor to help.

Knowledge is Power

We as humans were never promised a comfortable life and no matter if an individual believes or accepts it; it won’t change the fact that humans are fighting a multi-dimensional war. The mind is the first battle ground. We must be aware of our reactions and try to understand why we are responding in the way we are instead of denying it, accepting it, or pointing the finger at outside objects. If we as humans let outside things or influences control us or predict our moods, thoughts, or allow it to make us or break us, we are no more than mere puppets.
                                                                            Spiritual Life Psychology E.B.

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