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True Knowledge

Edition 1, Volume 1

Spiritual Life Psychology


     Throughout the life span from childhood to adulthood,  many find themselves in difficult situations and circumstances, dealing with trials and tribulations that cause  different levels of stressors, shaping of one’s behavior, habits, and thought process. To make matters worse, some are born into poverty, physical, mental, and sexual abusive homes and grow up with a hurt and damaged perception of life and self-image. The list never ends, and that search for a comfortable life style becomes a search for a day of peace or even a day for vengeance. Throughout all the chaos that is going on in some individuals’ lives, some may lose touch of who they are and/or just identify themselves by what life contaminated them with.

     Humans are a garden of knowledge and buried within is the truth of life, purpose, and truth about who they  really are but by living and going through day to day life with trials and different challenges humans becomes distracted by the problems of life instead of focusing on the propose of life. Many search for refugee and understanding within the psych world, their faith, deity, and/or religion to find peace and understanding.

     Even though the professional field has grown so much in time that helped so many, and helped identify many of the worlds psychological issues but there are still many unanswered question within the field. To move society into the next dimension or level of psychological freedom a unified field study of the psyche or human must be the focus point.

     Psychology of religion and spirituality and spiritual psychology adds a different aspect to the psych field but is missing the unity or perfect flow in complementing each other.

When mentioning Spiritual, religion, and/or spirituality in the psych field, one may think of eastern tradition religion or most western philosophy; the affects that religion or spirituality plays in the therapeutic or in everyday life process,  in which can be compacted to a single topic from coping, to dealing with stress, or support. To incorporate spirituality in the psych field the question shouldn’t be how does religion/ spirituality affect individuals, but why does it.

     They have many different religious beliefs and spiritual practice but why are humans drawn to or acceptable to these beliefs and practices? It’s not about how religion affects individuals because religion would be no more different than studying any other external variable or object and the effect it has on humans; simply put the outer that stimulates the inner that causes (X). I know many individuals that use their religion as a coping mechanism, as an escape, a sublimation scheme, or a fix as someone would use drugs. They would argue that their misfortune, bad luck, or mood or behavior is due from missing services or not preforming a daily ritual.

     One thing humans can easily neglect day to day that society tends to neglects is the spirit. The spiritual stimulation is the missing component and is the reason why many are drawn to a religion or spiritual belief.  Humans have three regions: body, psyche/soul, and spirit and is what every human has in common. Studying a religion effects on an individual has its advantages but it would be like examining the fulfillment of any other regions. How X give the body gratification, or how X stimulates the mind, and now how X gives fulfillment spiritually, that will lead humans to psychological success.  Every individual is unconsciously or consciously searching for X in this world to satisfy these three regions. The focus should be on spiritual temperament of an individual. Spiritual Life Psychology explains the unified regional theory of a human showing how the three regions plays a vital role in a humans behavior and thought process. Also show how the regions have characteristics and schemes and depending on the stage individuals are in, their action, behavior, and motives can be predicted. Showing that humans are more than physical beings with psychological process and to achieve new heights with in the field, humans must be evaluated as a whole instead of pieces; so  the persons actual self would be embraced instead of a persons physical-self.

Spiritual Life Psychology

     I remember years ago my abnormal psych professor made a statement on pedophiles. He explained that the highest form of pedophiles has no chance of being rehabilitated. A Child from birth that has been raised that I touch you because I love you, if they become a pedophile, there is no chance for them to be rehabilitated. To be rehabilitated is to bring back to a previous state and in the case of these types of pedophiles they have nothing to bring back to. These types of individuals needed to be locked up and the key thrown away. I disagreed with that statement completely. We had 4 thought papers about anything pertaining to psychology for the year. I wrote them pertaining to pedophiles and other individuals that society has written off and called them, “incurable” and group them together and called the booklet, Mind of a Mad Man: the thoughts of E.B. Murphy. I could not accept that an innocent child from birth can be contaminated and nothing he or she could do but accept what life has contaminated them with. Two paragraphs from the booklet.

      We as humans have to have a constant variable (that stays the same) that is not affected by our self perceptions. The schema of the world is developed during childhood, how the mind perceives the world affects their body in certain situations, now what is the constant center of life that is who we are and that is not affected by the symptoms from the mind and body? With the answers from these questions, a cure all technique can be formed. How?
My theory is that the cure is not in the mind (fix the mind and their rest will follow) because the mind is a variable (solve for x) it can be changed and be manipulated using any number, in the psychological case any thought, it can take on many changes (beliefs, knowledge, motives, etc), but the constant variable stays the same and cannot take on changes. If the focus is on the constant variable and a psychologist rehabilitates individuals to their constant variable instead of a previous stage in their lives, previous mind set, or human perception of sane, they will know who they are and won’t be affected by or changed by situations (every man would then have a chance even the pedophile).

After many case studies on pedophiles, rapist, and murders, I observed lost, fear, and pure hatred and evil in the heart and eyes of many of these individuals; some of their body language and reaction was the same (see full version for case study). I realized that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than what general psychology covers because it is limited by neglecting spiritual elements of an individual. SLP helped me understand and answer many of the questions I had in my college years.


Four Key topics that are key figure in SLP are:

            The regions of a human and their schemes and characteristics
                       *The regions are group to make 6 stages of Life

                       *Body instincts (BI) universal unlearned fixed action patterns of bodily and mental responses, reactions,
                         and behavior (rrb)

                       *Injections: negative energy, physical, or mental toxins that disrupt human function.

                       *The body and psyche innate setup that links to the ISM system.


           SLP (Full Version) is 13 years of studies, experiments, and researching put together to build a bridge of redemption to the psyche so humans would focus on the purpose of life and not distracted by the problems of life.

                                                            Spiritual Life Psychology by E.B Murphy



Regional Study of Human Behavior



A Different approach of understanding the human dynamics, reaching out to explain the unified regional theory of a human, Spiritual Life Psychology (SLP) will have a big impact on the psych world, sparking a new flame to help revolutionize the field. This book introduces the principles of SLP, deriving from regional set-up that influence behaviors and thought processes of a human.



S.L.P’s three book series will explain how the three region of a human plays a vital role in humans’ behavior and thought process. It  will also show how the regions has characteristics and schemes and depending on the stage an individual is in, their action behavior and motives are basic on the that region’s scheme in which can be predicted. The only way one can achieve peace within themselves the regions must have closely even level of energy and become unify to flow or move in the same direction.



Spiritual Life Psychology is a new approach to help individuals gain a sound mind. Vastly growing impacting lives and strengthens individual growth. Three books is written to explain the structure and therapeutic process of SLP and they are important resources that answers many question within the field; giving better clarification and understanding of a human. SLP has nothing to do with any eastern tradition of religion or spiritual beliefs. Its mission is aiming to show that humans are more than physical beings with psychological process and in order to reach new heights within the field, humans must be evaluated as a whole instead of pieces.    





We as humans were never promised a comfortable life and no matter if an individual believes or accepts it; it won’t change
the fact that humans are fighting a multi-dimensional war. The mind is the first battle ground. We must be aware of our
reactions and try to understand why we are responding in the way we are instead of denying it, accepting it, or pointing the
finger at outside objects. If we as humans let outside things or influences control us or predict our moods, thoughts, or allow
it to make us or break us, we are no more than mere puppets.
                                                                                                                 E.B Murphy

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