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Jeremiah - The Bible Collection

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One Night with the King

Joseph - The Bible Collection

Martin Luther, the brilliant man of God whose defiant actions changed the world. When Martin Luther question the wrong practices that the Catholic Church manipulate and force on the people, the Catholic Church looked to quiet him.  Luther went against the authority of the Church and State, the people declare him their new leader and hero. Even when threatened with violent death, Luther refuses to back down, sparking a bloody revolution that shakes the entire continent to its core. Luther was one of the main person that helped started the reformation of the Church and the Protestant movement.


Jeremiah tells the story of the prophet who his family abandons and how he struggle with leaving the woman he loves and how he want to live in order to relay God's message in Jerusalem. Although he is persecuted and branded as a traitor for warning others of the destruction of the Holy City he continues fearlessly with his mission. When his prophecy is fulfilled he experiences first-hand Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians.

One Night with the King is a sweeping epic about Hadassah, the young Jewish girl who becomes the Biblical Esther, Queen of Persia.

Sold into slavery by his own brothers, thrown into jail for several years, Joseph kept his faith and patients in God, and God rose him up to become one of the rulers of Egypt but his wisdom is put to the test when his brothers, not knowing whom he had become, went to Egypt for help.


Inspirational and Educational Films

Paul the Apostle

Paul, originally known as Saul of Tarsus, was a persecutor of Christians until Jesus came to him in a vision. Forever changed, Paul withstood persecution and imprisonment and with unflagging determination he spread the word of Christ. Beautifully shot in the Moroccan desert, Paul the Apostle is a sweeping saga of a man whose story continues after the Passion of Christ.


Samson and Deliah

Samson is a simple shepherd with the strength of a titan and the destiny to fight the Philistines and General Tariq. Delilah is a Philistine beauty, torn between her love for the shepherd and loyalty to her people. As told in the Old Testament, Samson's betrayal by Delilah left him in slavery. But Samson's epic revenge vanquished his Philistine foes and made him one of the greatest heroes of the Bible. Samson and Delilah is the powerful tale of a deception that brought down an empire...

While visiting the city Solomon meets the beautiful Queen of Sheba and falls in love at first sight. When the time comes for her to return to her homeland Solomon is unable to convince her to stay. Bereft of her beauty and companionship he falls into a deep depression departing from his idyllic world of peace and luxury while his kingdom threatens to collapse.

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