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There are many individuals across the U.S.A with a humble heart, meek temperament, and with great
compassion that seeks to impact and inspire their community. We are seeking to open up centers
across the United States and we are looking for those individuals to become a representative of
True Knowledge in there state.

 Becoming a TK representative:

     * You will be given the O.D.A program to complete. The O.D.A is the key to victory as a
      solider of God, that is the basic principle of what Christ teaches. It will give you techniques,
      steps, and suggestions to help discipline yourself and use the authority Christ has given you.

                                              Obedience to the Word
                                              Discipline your mind, body, and spirit
                             using the Authority that God has given us through His Son

After finishing the program
           You will:

     *Have access to the Field Agent meetings via video conference

     *Promote and setup events in your area

     *Be eligible to become a Board Member or obtain Executive position

     *Be assisted with any career choice that you have a passion for, in which after
       degree or certification is obtained, TK will partner with you in your career choice
       so you can be a voice of knowledge within your field.

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Advocate For Knowledge

Together We Can Do It

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